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Social Tailwaggers, LLC provides dog training and behavior consultation for all ages of dogs in group classes and/or in your home.

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Social Tailwaggers, LLC provides dog training and behavior consultation for all ages of dogs in group classes and/or in your home. Our mission is to help create a fun, loving and humane bond between you and your dog by using positive reinforcement training. We do not use aversive methods such as yanking/pulling on the leash, choke/prong collars, or manipulating your dog.  Our new classes are listed below:


Teaching your dog the basics, i.e., sit, down, stay, come and loose leash walking should be a fun and positive experience for both you and your dog. This 7 week class is designed to teach the basic cues and then apply them to "life skills". Skills taught include: sit, down, stay, meet and greet on leash, wait at the door, settle on a mat, walking skills, give it, leave it, and impulse control. All classes are held on Saturdays in Laurel.


Are you looking for a fun class for you and your dog? Your dog has over 200 MILLION scent receptors in his nose...no wonder he is constantly sniffing the ground! Sniffing is a means of communication with other dogs, and provides physical and mental exercise.

This fun class uses your dog's natural ability to sniff. You will learn to teach your dog how to sniff out treats, your keys and a scent (vanilla), and alert you to its exact location. Sniffing classes help build confidence in shy dogs, and strengthens the relationship between you and your dog. Classes are held in Laurel.


The first 16 weeks of a puppy's life is considered the critical period for socialization. This 5-session class is designed to help your puppy become socialized to other puppies, learn bite inhibition, play properly with other puppies, gain confidence and begin the basics (sit, down, here.) This class is for puppies 8-16/22 weeks in age. Due to the Covid-19 virus, our facility is too small to safely hold puppy classes. Therefore, we have teamed up with Humane Domain, located in Mariottsville, to hold our puppy classes. The facility is located about 40 minutes from the Laurel area. Classes are held on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings.

For information on how to register for Basic Manners Class or Puppy Socialization Class, email us at:  socialtailwaggers@gmail.com

For the safety of everyone, all classes are limited in size. All students must wear a mask in class, sanitize hands upon entering and maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance.

Jody Broughton, Owner of Social Tailwaggers, LLC, is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Behavior Consultant. She has been successfully teaching "pet parents" and their dogs for over 4 years. Jody was trained under a highly respected Certified Animal Behaviorist and is a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC.org) and The Pet Professional Guild (petprofessionalguild.com). She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (akc.org) and a Family Paws Parent Educator (familypaws.com).

Behavior problems are the #1 reason people surrender their dog to a shelter. All behaviors can be modified, either through positive reinforcement training and/or behavior modification. If your dog is experiencing behavior issues or you are interested in teaching your dog better manners, visit our website (www.socialtailwaggers.com) for additional information and check out our services and classes. Or, contact us directly via email (socialtailwaggers@gmail.com) or phone (240) 882-4765.

What our clients are saying about us:

Hi Jody,

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with Magen. Last weekend we went to a lake with a friend and some pieces of chicken to watch dogs and she did really well! She definitely still is impacted by the trigger stacking (she saw one dog lunging towards another and then reacted to a husky running by), but overall she seemed to really enjoy the experience and my friend commented on how much better she did compared to the last time she visited a few months ago! Tonight Magen was able to walk by multiple dogs barking in their yards, a man walking, and two teenage boys playing basketball with no problems. She was able to self-regulate and looked at me whenever she was getting a little uncomfortable. I didn’t even realize how stressed she was months ago, but seeing her now is such a good feeling. She’s calmer, more confident, and seems to enjoy everything more. We really appreciate your support and guidance to get us to this point! We are definitely satisfied clients! Just look at this confident, content puppy.

Many, many thanks, Kara, David, Kuzya, and Magen

“Jody, We really enjoyed your class, and liked your teaching style very much! Rosie just LOVES the pink bunny toy; she carries it around the house constantly and wants to play with it much more than her other toys! We certainly will recommend you to our friends with dogs!”

Joe & Carolyn

“Thanks so much for a great class, Jody! We can’t even express enough how grateful we are for your expertise and we’ve enjoyed learning so much and working with Briar. Also, Briar says THANK YOU for her new toy. She’s been having a blast with it.”

Mat & Christy

I wanted to thank you so much for the classes - I really found them to be helpful. Others have commented on how much improved Dakota’s behavior is. I’m planning to continue working on these lessons with him for a while before I sign up for the next class.


“Jody came to our home for a puppy consultation. She was on time and was more than thorough about how we could make sure our new puppy was well taken care of in his new home. She also gave us tips to work on the relationship between our older dog and new puppy. She took the time to answer all of our questions and even explain to our children how to handle the different situations they were experiencing with our puppy. I felt that I received more than my monies worth and will be signing up for some of the group classes at Social Tailwaggers for my new puppy. I am extremely happy with our experience.”

Mikki and Lia

“We have a super “special” maltese and after meeting with Jody once and working with him for about a month…we have made a huge breakthrough with him as well as smaller ones too!! Highly recommend her!!”

Sara L

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