Reiki for Healing and Vitality

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encourage self-healing. It creates a restful, stress-free state restoring physical and emotional balance.

Offered in the comfort of home, Reiki is safe, gentle, and non-invasive, and complements veterinary and other alternative care. Reiki helps health issues including pain, chronic illnesses, and surgery recovery, and calms after stressful vet visits. It supports relaxed birthing, eases discomforts in seniors, and assists through the dying process.

Self-healing and balance enable the release of emotional problems like fear, anxiety, mistrust, trauma, and more. This encourages adjustment to change, so successful adoptions are more promising.

Vacation? Back to school? Business travel? Remember Reiki when pets might feel abandoned or need to feel secure.

Animals are so sensitive to Reiki’s energy they do not necessarily require touching. They hover in the space receiving its benefits distantly.

From birth through death, Reiki nourishes health and wellbeing so pets can be the best versions of their whole and perfect selves. When your pets feel good, you feel good.

P.S. Reiki helps people, too! Provided compliments of Aziza Doumani Reiki LLC. For more Information, please call 410-818-8686 or visit See ad page 39.