How Dogs Learn

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jumping, pulling, nipping. Developing communication to inform our dogs which behaviors we prefer versus the behaviors we dislike is the benefit to obedience training. Instead of begging while you eat, you can ask them to lie down on their bed. Instead of greeting people by jumping, you can ask your dog to sit. They can learn how we want them to walk on a leash so that they don’t pull during walks.

One important part of training is the generalization phase. This is how dogs learn to perform under a variety of distractions. Dogs are contextual learners, meaning that they learn by their environment. This is why your dog might behave nicely in one setting but have no manners in another. They must learn to perform each command in a variety of contexts to be successful.

Obedience training can provide the proper education for your dog to learn these things. Once this clear communication is established then it will be easy to use in your daily life. The result is a happy owner and happy dog for life! Presented compliments of Stateline Canine. For more information, call Janet Dooley Edwards at 717-632-1111 or visit See our ad page 21.