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Gets up, eats, takes a nap, eats some more, sits back down, then calls it a night. As kids, our parents used to say, “You need to get out of the house more often.” So, why aren’t pet owners applying this concept to pets?

Sure, we could set-up an electric fence in the yard and let our dogs wander free; but there is the risk of them breaking out and getting lost. We could walk them on a leash; but leashed dogs are uncomfortable; and leashes limit the area they can stroll. However, there are many reasons why pet owners should consider poly fencing for dogs as an alternative to electronic dog fences and leashes.

For starters, poly fencing is convenient. When new pet owners bring home a dog, the dog needs to explore an unfamiliar environment; and a poly [plastic] yard fence helps them navigate around the new surroundings. Plastic fencing helps train new dogs basic commands such as “Sit,” and teaches them where the bathroom is on the premises.

Additionally, dogs need a gathering point for socialization; and an outdoor dog enclosure is a secure location for a puppy play date or bonding time with owners. Dog Enclosures allow dogs to easily adjust to other animals, including domestic cats, while having fun and breathing-in fresh air. Playing outdoors with other dogs makes them happy and will wear them out; so, they don’t jump on the furniture when they return to the house. Socialization is key to animal health and wellness.

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53 percent of dogs are overweight or obese in the United States. These numbers are a result of lack of exercise and poor diet plans. With a dog enclosure placed in the backyard, there is no reason why dogs cannot get the 30 minutes of daily activity they need to stay fit and healthy. Without routine outdoor exercise, dogs risk many ailments including Diabetes, Liver Disease, heat intolerance and hypertension. The right strength training exercises can help maintain proper body weight and will serve them well as they age. And, the combination of a well-balanced diet with bone and joint exercises will increase longevity of life for your four-legged friend.

It’s time for us to act on our parents’ ideas and ensure the best quality of life for our best friends. Let’s get them moving inside a secure dog enclosure.

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